Putney Vale Cemetery

Opened in 1891 and now run by the London Borough of Wandsworth, Putney Vale is just stunning. In twenty metres of path behind the chapel, there are more amazing monuments than you'll see in the whole of most cemeteries. It has a particularly good crop of angels, and three rather lovely mausolea. As you work your way down the hill away from the chapel, the early twentieth century splendour does tend to run out: areas used for newer burials are mostly lawn cemetery. The chapel itself is rather lovely, but has the crematorium chimney tacked on the back rather bizarrely disguised as a square, white castellated tower.

Visiting: Putney Bridge tube and then the 265 bus: it stops right outside. Start at the chapel (eastern) end, where most of the more interesting monuments are. Funerals happen on Saturdays, so be prepared to melt into the background while the living do their thing.

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