A trip to St. Albans

To St. Albans with B., mostly to sample the excellent produce of the West Cornwall Pasty Company. Warning: website is made from annoying Flash and has sound. Pasties are nonetheless excellent.

I had a brief "didn't know he was dead" moment by Lord Runcie's grave, and a rather longer "there's nothing bloody here" moment in Verulamium Park. Further warning: Roman mosaic closes at 4.30 and museum's last entry is 5pm: if you get there too late, there's not much else to see. Even the series of small walls is sparse.

First in a random series of saints: St. Alban
Alban was the first British Christian martyr, one of three from Roman Britain. According to Bede, he was executed after sheltering a priest: when Roman soldiers came to look for the priest, Alban swapped cloaks with him and was beheaded in his stead. Bede tells how the executioner was so impressed with Alban's faith that he converted on the spot and refused to kill him. A second executioner had his eyes fall out as he completed the task.

A punctuation nazi observes
St. Albans has no apostrophe, though it should have. Ditto for Bury St. Edmunds.

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