Old Father Time in Rochester Cathedral

Old Father TimeOne of my favourite memorials anywhere: it's just stunning. It commemorates Lady Ann Henniker who died in 1792, and is made from Coade stone, a kind of ceramic which allowed the creation of large, detailed cast sculptures.

More importantly (for me right now), it's on my old hard drive, which also has all my old cemetery photographs on it, and has been restored to working order. All the old cem pictures are going back on this blog, so you'll see the post count increase dramatically over the next couple of days. I'm filing them under "2002" (the actual dates are between 2002 and 2005 but I don't know what they are... just the order in which I visited cemeteries), so they'll show up in the archives but not on the front page. The list of cemeteries has the full count.

I'm happy to say, I think I've become a much better photographer over the last few years. Starting from such a low base, I'm not convinced that's saying much...

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