Kensal Green opens for burials

From The Times, 1st February 1833

General Cemetery Company, Kensall-Green, Harrow Road. The Directors hereby inform the public, that the cemetery is now ready for interments. The ground has been surrounded by a lofty wall and duly consecrated by the Lord Bishop of London. A spacious catacomb has been constructed, with accomodation in separate chambers for families, or a depository for an individual as may be required, and mausoleums, vaults or common graves may be treated for at the office, on Great Russell street. A regular register will be kept, by which coffins deposited in the catacombs may be at any time visited or inspected by relatives of the deceased and the Directors offer the fullest security against exhumation or any other disturbance of the solemnity of the grave. The terms for the sale of the catacombs, as well as the vaults and graves will be found on enquiry to be considerably below the prices usually charged. All communications to be made at the office, 95 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury to Mr Bowman, the Clerk of the Company, who will give every information that may be required.
C B BOWMAN, Clerk of the Company, 95 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury

I can't help thinking there's mixed messaging here. It's secure and you can have your own chamber in the catacombs... but it's also cheap. If I'd been selling it, I'd've made it expensive, and exclusive, at least at launch: I wouldn't have mentioned common graves in that copy at all.

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