Wandsworth Cemetery

Wandsworth Cemetery is crammed into a wedge-shaped space between a residential street and the railway. Opened in 1878, it was extended in 1898, and further room for new burials was created in the 1980s by banking up earth along the western edge beside the railway. Nevertheless, Wandsworth is now nearly full.

It's a beautifully-maintained cemetery, with plenty of healthy trees, and the original buildings: a pair of Gothic chapels (only one is still in use), another building now in private ownership, and the brick-built lodge. There are, it must be said, not so many interesting monuments, though a few stand out: Emma Cook's granite edifice and Jurgan and Emily Pfeiffer's arched gable are both to be found to the north of the chapels.

Earlsfield station is just around the corner (train down from Clapham Junction). Has toilets! A few livings about but no one batted an eyelid at photography.

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