Why are you doing this crazy thing?

  1. My route to primary school went through a cemetery. I've always been interested.
  2. I got brought up on religion, which was all about avoiding death. How humans think about dying has always been interesting.
  3. Then I moved to London. What to do with our dead has been a problem for Londoners for at least 500 years. It's interesting.
  4. I love London. I tried to move away and had to come back: il me manquait la ville. Having a website about it is a good excuse to take pictures of it. It really is interesting.

Can I use your photos?
Maybe. Please contact me first. At very least, you will need to provide a credit and a link back to this site, but you will need my written permission before you use any photos. I don't like saying that. I'd much rather let everyone use them. But people don't credit, and that's not acceptable to me.

Can you find my ancestor? Can you send me a list of all burials in London?
No, sorry - there is no central list. Deceased Online is the closest thing; otherwise, many councils are now putting their cemetery records online. Try those sites, or Ancestry.co.uk.