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Barkingside Cemeteries

What is there to say about this pair of cemeteries, divided by the road? Taking European war cemeteries as their model, they are tidy. But row upon row upon row of marble slabs, identical in size, stretching as far as the eye can see, makes one wonder just for whose benefit this site is being run.

Barkingside Cemeteries are now (2005) almost full, and Redbridge are to open a new cemetery elsewhere in the borough.

Edited to add: I've received some rather abusive email with regards to the above comments. I'm well aware that the local council impose restrictions on what memorials may be set in cemeteries such as Barkingside. I'm not in favour of such restrictions, as you'd know, if you'd read the site rather than running to write your cross little essay :-) It's my personal opinion that councils setting down strict limits on the form of memorials also limits their use, as memorials: who are the council to say how I wish to remember my loved one? And as this is my personal site, I'll state my personal opinion as much as I like.

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