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Fulham Cemetery

A long thin piece of land running alongside Fulham Palace Road, Fulham Cemetery is pretty, but feels as though it's being managed back to nothingness. After some vandalism in the 1980s, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has grassed over a number of grave spaces, which makes the place feel more empty than it really is. There aren't really any outstanding monuments, beyond a rather disturbing Tudor-style tomb for a baby, and a large group of First World War graves, but the tympanum above the chapel door, depicting knights at the Resurrection, is rather fine.

Visiting: It's near the southern end of Fulham Palace Road, near the junction with Fulham Road. Plenty of public transport to the area: walkable from Hammersmith station. Lots of joggers and playing children in the cemetery.

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Fulham Palace Road Cemetery

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