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Strayfield Road Cemetery

Strayfield Road Cemetery is, according to the notice beside the locked gate on Strayfield Road itself, an extension to Lavender Hill Cemetery; the two are joined by a tree-lined footpath, and officially, Strayfield Road is only accessible through Lavender Hill. This is a very new extension to that cemetery, and has a rather strange feeling of headstones newly placed in parkland or field. It seems to have seen extensive use in the few years it's been open, and according to Enfield Council, is the only cemetery in the borough with new graves available. (65% of Enfield's dead are buried: the national average is 28%.) The headstones are uniformly polished granite slabs, placed in back to back rows to make nice wide aisles for the lawnmowers; though that's the sort of layout I usually complain about, here, for now, it's new enough to still feel loved.

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