Bromley Hill Cemetery

Bromley Hill is a small but tidily well-maintained site, a little oasis of calm beside a main road. Though the monuments themselves are largely unremarkable, the pair of tiny chapels and their porte cochere make an attractive and, unusually, unvandalised entrance.

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Kensal Green Cemetery

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I don't think there's a league table for Most-Filmed-In Cemetery in Britain, but if there were, Kensal Green would surely top it: amongst a plethora of others, it appears in just about every episode of New Tricks, and was recently spotted in an episode of Morse, playing a cemetery in Oxford.

I'm sure it helps with filming that it's owned by a private company, not a London local authoriy.

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Hampstead Cemetery

It was so damn hot that I forgot to photograph the Bianci, and all the cool stuff that's around it: will have to go back. Memo to self: interesting stuff in Hampstead is in the north-east corner to the right of the gate. Met some nice dogs though. I have a certain affection for Hampstead as it was the first place that someone else demanded to know what I was doing with a camera, and then demanded my URL because he didn't believe that photographing gravestones was a thing people without straight jackets actually did. It's an oddly lively cemetery.

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Woodgrange Park Cemetery

Photos taken in 2005 with my beloved Pentax MX. Woodgrange Park Cemetery had certainly seen better days: the chapel was close to derelict, and much of the cemetery itself was overgrown. A new Muslim burial section was being used, however; incense wafted rather beautifully through the grass. I wonder how Woodgrange fares these days.

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Header image : London at the end of the seventeenth century

London map

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My current header image is taken from a map of London at the end of the seventeenth century. The darker shaded areas (look at Cornhill/Leadenhall Street if you can't see the difference) are those affected by the Fire.

The font, btw, is EB Garamond from Google Fonts. I'm not sure how long I'm going to live with a serif font on a screen, but for now, I love the damaged feel.

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