Mill Hill Cemetery

Mill Hill is another cemetery immaculately kept by Westminster Council. Originally known as Paddington New Cemetery, it was opened in 1936 when Paddington Old Cemetery, a.k.a. Willesden Lane Cemetery (are you following this? there'll be a test at the end) became full. It's a bit too late to have any very impressive monuments; grey stone slabs are the norm here. The chapel is certainly worth a look though; a huge modernist ediface in dark brown brick, you'll need a very wide angle lens to fit it all in.

The other must-visit at Mill Hill is the Dutch National War Memorial in Great Britain, containing the graves of 254 Dutch service personel killed here during WWII. Large memorial stones commemorate another 180 names, and the site centres on a large bronze sculpture of a dying man by Cor van Kralingen. The same statue appears on Dutch war memorials in Rotterdam, Norway, France, Austria and Germany.

Elsewhere, there are many RAF memorials, as you'd expect so close to Northolt, and the highly-decorated grave of singer Billy Fury.

Mill Hill East tube station and then the 221 or 240 bus to the end of Milespit Lane.

Hello to the nice lady who offered to take my picture with Billy's grave!

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